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Harrison Molling

East Coast Australia

Harrison Molling is a talented up-and-coming 3D Artist/Modeller and Photographer. With a swiftly growing showreel of beautifully textured assets, including some ingeniously designed creatures, Harrison draws inspiration from his adventures abroad and docuemnts his travels with gorgeous high quality photogrraphy. 


Bridget Acreman

'Stray Leaves', Sydney, Australia

Illustrator, Motion designer, and self professed Avocado Lover, Bridget is a talented artist and long-time friend. From her lovingly detailed paintings to her vibrant, quirky and touching animations, her art is sure to capture your heart too.


Artur Muller

Prague, Czech Republic

Artur is a gifted artist and digital product designer, and one of the smartest people I know He has worked for some amazing companies all around the world, including Skoda Auto, Video Recruit, Prague Youth Theatre, The Language Gallery, University Canada West, and Sleighdogs.


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